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Semi-Friends lock?

Hi! My name is Karen, and I'm a J-Pop/K-pop fan. I'm an American college student about to be studying for a semester in France (yay!).

My biases and the groups I like:

Hey!Say!JUMP Yamada
NEWS Tegoshi
Kanjani8 Yokoyama Yu, Ryo
Arashi Sho, Nino
SHINee Jonghyun, Key
Super Junior Kyuhyun, Yesung, Donghae
F.T Island Hongki, Seunghyun, Jonghun
f(x) Luna, Amber, Krystal
SNSD Jessica, Taeyeon
Solo Artists Jin, BoA, Yamapi

Comment if you want to chat or say hi. I'm friendly~ :)
Title: When Does A Helping Hand Become More Than Just That? (or, Dougie, The Porn King)
Author: Karen
Part: Standalone; 1/1
Rating: NC17 for naughty language and pure, detailed smut.
Pairing: Poynter/Jones
Genre: complete and utter PWP.
Fic-a-Thon Challenge Prompt: One of the boys can't get 'it' up no matter how hard they try. Also the summary because there isn’t anything more to it than that. Trust me when I say this is a shameless excuse to write McFly bumsex.
A/N: I’m fairly open to any kind of comments you have! This is my first McFly fanfiction, although I’ve been fairly obsessed with the boys for over a year now. Another thing to note is that I’m not British, I’ve never been to Britain, and I certainly don’t speak the English language the way the English do (ironically enough, right?). The little I know is what I’ve picked up from the British novels I’ve read and, recently, the various shows I watch coming out of the UK and, of course, the boys themselves. I’ll be the first to say I don’t portray their accents right and probably have a few errors of translating American English to British English, and I’m more than welcome to anyone pointing out places I should have said something differently. I also haven’t written a fanfiction in absolute years, but I constantly write, so I shouldn’t be too rusty. And I’m my own beta, so feel free to point out any grammar mistakes you find – I always read through before posting, but you never know when you’re going to miss something. =)
Disclaimer: Obviously, I’m not McFly. If I were, I would have a lot more money and sexy bandmates to crawl all over on a regular basis. Sadly, I don’t have anything to do with McFly, I’m merely an odd girl who happened to get frustrated by seeing all of their innocent flirting and touching and decided to take matters into her own hands. Mwahaha, fear me, McFly boys, I will make you enjoy bumsex with each other.
Dedication: The initiators and fellow writers of the McFly Fic-a-Thon, without which I wouldn’t have thought to write this dubiously lovely work. Also thanks to the person responsible for my prompt of choice and hopes to them not hating the shameless smut it inspired.

( After a moment, Dougie pulled his mouth up slowly – agonizingly, teasingly slowly… )